Welcome to the website of Clair de Lune, a midwifery practice in Eindhoven. We serve the northern parts of Eindhoven, covering all the areas North of the railway line.

Clair de Lune is a small practice, enabling us to have a very personal relationship with our clients and to take all the time necessary to answer any questions or give advice. We can therefore support you personally during your pregnancy and labour, whether you want to deliver at home, at the hospital, in bed or in a bath.

We are fully qualified to use our own ultrasound equipment and we offer the convenience of ultrasound consults in our consulting rooms. For your convenience, we offer morning, afternoon and evening consulting sessions and have three different locations.

We have a strong international orientation and can boast of Dutch and international training and working experience in our team. As a result, we are all fluent in English and Dutch, and one of us is a native speaker of English and Afrikaans. Understanding the difficulties posed by being in a foreign country, the problems with a new system and a foreign language, we can provide exactly the advice needed. We therefore give our clients special attention and help with explaining how the Dutch system works.

"Wat zijn wij jullie dankbaar voor de fijne begeleiding tijdens de zwangerschap van Finn!ook de..."